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By: Faheem Ul Islam

Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (SKUAST-K) of Kashmir is an agricultural University located in Shalimar, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, with its main campus and Faculty of Horticulture in Shalimar, Srinagar, the University has multiple campuses, colleges, research and extension centers across the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh Union Territory. The Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) is located in Wadura, Baramulla and the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry campus is located in Shuhama, Alusteng, Ganderbal. Situated in the lap of Zabarwan hills. SKUAST-K has it’s immense importance in the eyes of great scientists of agriculture and horticulture.

I always used to visit the famous institutions of our valley and used to interact with young buds of our valley, whenever i found it necessary to counsel the students, I do whatever I can. And in the same way I got an invitation from one of my friends who is currently studying at SKUAST-K. Seriously, I got goosebumps when I stood in front of the main gate of SKUAST. Really the beautiful and charming scene of attractive sceneries, The Zaberwan hill and the multi decorated buildings inside the campus of Shalimar SKUAST was really spectacular. This whole made me realize that we can get the great well-wishers of the valley here to compete with modern challenges. To study in SKUAST used to be the dream of every medical student in the valley when I stepped in, the cold breeze hit my thoughts and I saw a beautiful masjid there on the left after entering from the main gate. The different types of small practical orchards with new and innovative varieties of apples and other seeds provides me with a sketch of how beautiful the institute is! But what makes the students feel worthless after getting admitted there?


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I’m going to narrate the story of when I was being invited as a guest by students who are residing in the boy’s hostel and it was my first time visiting SKUAST. Few friends who are known to me, invited me for the night program to have an interaction with budding students of the institution to share ideas and get more insights. The decorated rooms and the Zabarwan Hills beauty seemed to be asking questions to me when I entered the room. After having Nimaz and dinner the students gathered in one room where seniors and juniors got together to have an interactive session, but really as many of them were older than me, it didn’t stop me from asking them questions. I discussed a lot of things with the topper of the institute and other students. But really it made me cry to feel the pain they are possessing. I asked them questions related to life, our responsibilities and their main aim to acquire knowledge? But unfortunately few of them were who replied the way I wanted to get. When I asked them questions, why are you here? They replied, we are failures who got slapped by NEET exams not once but twice and thrice and those who didn’t qualify NEET try to maintain their status in the family as well as in society and get admitted here. This pierced me inside that those falcons who are the future of nations are victims of medical entrance phobias and parental tortures. One boy among them replied, Dear brother you are lucky that you have got admission in Aligarh Muslim University unlikely to us, you got exposure there, you interacted with professors and get future insights regarding career, we are here in the traditional way not even being allowed to interact the professors regarding career counseling except few who are not rigid and status quo. Our valley administration is another factor leading to our frustration that after completing the course we have a blurry future with no vacancy in departments, in this very situation if students are getting stimulated by all these kinds of pressures from education, the Department, family, relatives, society, what should be our answer? Yes that is Suicidal! These kinds of replies from our Falcons of nation were unexpected, i tried to convince them and make them understand about the role of youth in Nation buildings and the main purpose of attaining knowledge. I made them realise that we should be rigid towards our subject or fields only but should be multidimensional and should have insights and knowledge about the other aspects as well. This one night stay with these students forced me to ponder about the victims of this very rigid society.

Now dear readers, most of you are playing the role of parents, siblings and teachers, please try to counsel your wards at the earliest. Make them aware about the life, responsibilities and aim of education. You shouldn’t be so much tied to your own domain but provide your wards an friendly environment, counsel them and appreciate them. If your ward couldn’t make it possible to qualify the NEET or any other entrance examination it doesn’t mean they are worthless but try to explore their hidden talents so that they can’t be trapped in the addiction of drugs and all. As I got experienced from the above discussion. We are the mentors and we should lead our younger generation towards prosperity and happiness without denying their talents. Teachers should appreciate and make a way out for students to study abroad and provide them projects to work upon, otherwise the same case might happen when others will enter SKUAST and get the same words” why you came here, this is the residing house of failures”.

Author is perusing his bachelor’s degree in Political Science at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). He can be mailed at faheemulislam9@gmail.com


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