After his daughter d*mise in a car col’lision, her father, Eric B. G*ieves for her loss

Roommates, we are pr*ying our deepest co***lences to hip-hop pioneer Eric B. Backing the news of his daughter’s d*mise. According to Sister2Sister, Erica Supreme Barrier, 28 years old, was left in s**ious condition Sunday morning after being included in a car e***osion in Connec ticut.

An 18 wheeler al**gedly rolled above her car and gave her with se*ious neck and spine fracture the hit was very hard that she become st*ck in the car, also some other injuries that become the ca*se of her d*ath. On Tuesday, Eric B. Shared on his social media to mourn the moment of his daughter.He shared a clip of the duo father and daughter together on stage, and simply wrote the clip with a heart. Rakim also authenticate Erica’s d*mise and questioned the fans for the prayers for the family. He told, “heart felt of condolences to my brother Eric B. and all of the family at this moment.

This evening, his daughter Erica left us after suf*ering critical wounds and fractures, in an car incident. Erica was the bright of the stars and when we miss her at the bottom of our hearts so much. We will miss her at every phase of life and energy from inside. Please do prayers for the family and friends.The family are in deep m**rn and can’t hold this in cident. Her father wrote that he can’t bear it up yet, he can’t understand how it all happened so quick it’s like she went somewhere for holidays or like han gout with friends.

He’s in deep p*in because he was too at*ached with her daughter. He prayed for her daughter that wherever you are my girl I prayed for you to be rest in peace and just be happy at your new home.

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