Somali Mu’slim Fi’red After Refusing To Sell P*rk & Alc*hol, Su’es on Walmart

A Somali lady all*ges she was fi*ed from Wal mart for being “M*slim” despite requesting for time off on Isl*mic holidays and staying away from p*g goods. A re presentative, however, has subsequently come forward to dis close the true reason they f*red her. After being f*red, a Somali Mu’slim lady filed a

la*suit ag*inst Walmart all*ging rel**ious dis cr**ination. Fadumo Sardeye claims she was f*red from Walmart out lets in Tennessee after 18 years of employment for no other reason than her immigration status and rel**ious beliefs. The global store has ag**essively refuted her claims, which has sp*rkeda contentious le*al co*flict. Sardeye was born in Somalia and im migrated to the United States in the early 1990s, where he later found employment with the multinational c*rporation. The 54-year-old woman made it plain that she needed specific accommodations as a devout Mu’slim, including

being allowed to wear a head scarf, for bidding the handling of p*rk and al***lic beve’rages, and taking time off work to celebrate significant Isl*mic festivals. Sardeye was given every thing she needed for years. She asserts that she was mis treated and finally f*red for nothing more than the fact that she is a Somali Mus’lim,despite the fact that her employer made every at*empt to accommodate her rel**ious needs. The Tennessean reports that Sardeye sued Walmart, alleging that a shop in Knoxville treated her un fairly because of her re*igion. She alleges that the retailer rejected her requests for vacations during the

holy month of Ramadan and required her to find a verse in the Q’uran to support her argument that she was for bidden from handling pork and al***olic be*erages. She claims that she was f*red as a result of schedule co*flicts after that. She was ac**sed of refusing to stock supermarket shelves as needed by her employees,

according to the la**uit. They allegedly questioned Sardeye’s inability to behave more like her Iraqi Mus’lim coun**rparts, who had no problem handling the boxed booze and ham. In order to further her schooling and increase her work possibilities, Sardeye later relocated from Knoxville.

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