Allie raised $30K for Expenses After Parents Discontinued Her Finance Over Dating a Black

Girl named Allie Dowdle, revealed that her parents have stopped funding her expenses ever since they get to know me dating Michael Swift. Micheal swift has a tone which is black, her parents are not convinced with the relationship. Allie Dowdle wrote her GoFundMe page that my parents are not ready to fund my expenses. The 18 years old wrote that due to her parents decision she is running out of the resources.

Allie said that her father has issues with race. She told that she was dating Micheal for a year, however the relationship was distressed when she informed her father and Micheal approached him. She informed that her parents allegedly cut off her communication, stopped her pocket money, even denied access to her phone.

She shares her experience that it was awful and terrible for her, since father threatened her not to meet Micheal again. She further explains, her father consider superiority of races and based on skin tone of Micheal he rejected him awfully. ” It was not a polite and i’ll never forget my parents. I didn’t know what to do. I

still don’t understand what it would be how someone could be viewed as inferior because of their skin tone.i turned to public for help because they discontinued everything” Allie Dowdle told.

Her father Bill Dowdle accepts that he has discontinued access to resources since he and her wife don’t agree on his daughter marrying a different race . He explains that there are issues in the past with mixed race relationship in South of America and that’s why he and his wife decided not to assist financially Allie and cut off her communication as well.

Allie shares that it was a troublesome for her, while she was studying depended completely on her parents. She couldn’t pay her college fees, her daily expenses not even her transportation charges.

She told that just because I am dating a person which has a different race, I have gone through such troubled stages and now i turns for public assistance since I don’t have any other option left.

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