Army gets 1388 Kanals in Gulmarg, Sonamarg

Gulmarg Snowfall File

There was nothing new in declaring 1388 kanals of land for armed forces in Gulmarg and Sonamarg, Divisional Commissioner Kashmir Pandurang Kondbarao Pole.

As per the earlier government declaration, 1034 kanals of land has been earmarked in Gulmarg and 354 in Sonamarg as ‘strategic areas for armed forces.’

Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Pandurang Kondbarao Pole said it was just a nod by the government to allow the use of land to the army for training purposes.


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“Basically, there is nothing new in this strategic area for all these lands are already under use of army for decades, even for more than 30 to 40 years now for training and other relevant things”, Pole said.

“At both the places (Gulmarg and Sonamarg), trainings of high altitude are conducted for which the army has already acquired land there and some is requisitioned land”, he said, adding, “no new area is being added.”

He clarified that just for the requirement of trainings, they (army) may be in need of construction of training halls etc and this was done to enable them to have required infrastructure. It was important and as the nod from administration was given. “There is nothing new in it as such.”


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