ARTO Baramulla earns praise for starting on-road driving test


Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Baramulla, Mubashir Jan is conducting on road driving tests in a unique and smooth way in the district.


Unlike before, the applicants had to visit the office, nowadays they are easily able to  give a Learners license test at their home and can take driving tests in their respective areas.


“The main motive of conducting on road driving trails is to observe the skills and passions of applicants, how they can drive in traffic jams and hilly road curves,” said ARTO Baramulla, Mubashir Jan.



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“Driving a vehicle easily is not only an option for getting a license, the applicants who are applying for a driving license must be aware of traffic rules and regulations, which are under Rule-15”, he said.

Those applicants who are from other districts of north Kashmir and are applying for a license in ARTO Office Sopore, their documents will be rejected; they should apply for this in their own districts, Jan said.


“I have qualified the driving test which was conducted in Thindma, Kreeri on wednesday, but after completing the trial, ARTO saw me using my mobile phone while driving and he canceled my test”, said Mudasir Ahmad, an applicant from Baramulla.


“I don’t have any type of anger and regret of cancelling my test by ARTO, it was just a lesson and advice for me”, he said.


The initiative of on road driving trail is outstanding, the female applicants who want to achieve driving license have to go driving institutions to learn driving skills,”said a female applicant shafqat Jan.


Meanwhile’ Mubashir Jan urges applicants to submit for license via our online portal, don’t pay heed to any broker, and warns drivers to follow rules and regulations of driving properly, if anytime anybody will be found driving without safety and rules, i will cancel his license immediately, Jan added.


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