Azealia Banks Claimed Beyoncé for Attempting To Delete Her Contributions

America Rapper Azealia Banks is on another rampage and this time it has everything to accomplish with the Beyonce and Solange. Banks seized to her Instagram stories to say people to halt remixing her hymns with Beyonce’s latest sole “Break My Soul”.

Bank told me it sounds ‘horrible’. In extension to that, she performs not like that Bey was motivated by her.“Beyoncé has been attempting to compose me out of my description for like years, at this question. It’s so f**king weird.”

Are you joking? As if I’m not exhibiting major versatility and all of that?”“You needed to be Solange. You needed to be like Chloë Bailey and do a ‘Little Mermaid’ film, and you don’t encompass Azealia Banks. Like, oh my f**king God. You’re a joke. You’re so sneaky.”“You’re attempting to eliminate my contributions to House music, Dance music, Electronic music, and all that and make it as if I’m like f**king  God understands f**king who. Just encapsulate me in time. You’re a f**king rascal Beyoncé and watch everything I perform.

Almost the levels of appetite. Yeah, you wanna compose me out of my description and then like, attempt and own that narrative and be that revolutionary Black  rebel who’s into ATRs and Dance music, and all this additional stuff. You are so f**king lame.

You’re never going to compose me out of anything that I establish for myself. I don’t manage how many f**king funds this n**ga provides you. Mood board sh*t from Instagram and make some Hodge podge ode to Orisha.”“C’mon. It’s so noticeable at this point. First Azealia Banks records as if I’m Ronnie Spector. No, you’re the vintage h*e. Are you kidding. You are? T? vintage p*ss. That wig on the cover of that sole is vintage as f**k. You’re never going to be? cutting edge. Never.”

“You girls (Beyonce and Solange) will just never be cutting edge. Because the cutting-edge work for free and we all think you’re kind of f**king lame. Like you guys are lame and like jealous, and just like sneaky and weird. And you never execute well. You’re just not cool. Just pageant girls.

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