Baby Girl Receives No Visitors In Hospital For 5 Months: Nurse Takes One Look at Her and Knows What She Must Do

We rejoice when a baby is born. It’s a miracle, and the family should come together to celebrate and adore the little one. Gisele Smith, who was born at a hospital close to Boston, Massachusetts, experienced something different. Liz Smith, a nurse, was shocked to learn that the infant had not received visitors in months when she first visited him.

The story of how one nurse adopted a baby who had been left at the hospital is only getting started, though. Gisele, a baby girl, was delivered prematurely in July 2016. Gisele weighed just 1 pound, 14 ounces when she was delivered at 29 weeks to a mother who had used drugs while carrying her.Gisele was subsequently transported to Franciscan Children’s Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts after being given a newborn abstinence syndrome (NAS) diagnosis, where she underwent treatment for a lung condition in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Gisele’s birth parents and other visitors did not,

however, visit her after she was born. Gisele’s first few months of existence were spent entirely with the hospital staff’s love and care. That is, until Gisele was introduced to Liz Smith, the hospital’s senior director of nursing. Gisele, an 8-month-old baby, was being pushed toward Liz as she was just beginning to walk down a hallway. Gisele hadn’t received a visitor in five months at Franciscan Children’s Hospital at that point.Liz claims that the nurse was drawn to Gisele’s brown hair curl and blue eyes and enquired about the beautiful angel to the nurse. Liz began paying Gisele daily visits after that. She discovered that the mother of the newborn daughter had abused meth, cocaine, and heroin while she was expecting the child. For Liz, this moment was unique and significant.

She said, It was my reward after a hard day’s labour. Liz was able to take care of Gisele when she was in foster care. Liz, who is now in her early 40s, was unable to become pregnant. Her profession had prevented her from pursuing her motherhood ambition, despite her desire.

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