In Viral Video Bet Award Clip ‘RAY J’ Hin’ting A Big Deal Through Showing Noodles cup

Subsequently R&B singer Ray J was captured on camera diving face-first into a Nissin Cup Noodles while in the 2022 BET Awards, the “Se’xy Can I” vocalist revealed on 28 June Tuesday that a bigger coalition with the noodle organization is in the progress The 41 years old entrepreneur was sighted at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles seizing a fast nosh on some noodles during Sunday’s 26 June awards.

In a video shared on Instagram in which he was also eating on some noodles Ray poked fun at that he had almost completed a deal with the organization. “Just left the phone with Cup Noodles, Shit good. ” Ray J told. Ray J is one who never shy off from an extraordinary business chance.In April, the R&B singer walked into The Shade Room with a business proposal for Chris Rock and Will Smith after the latter slapped the former at the 2022 Oscars. “It can just Will vs Chris, my financer are ready straight immediately 50M fight no less, That’s for each.” Ray wrote Obviously,

when Ray J isn’t planning money moves, he’s promoting LGBTQ+ liberties. The “I Hit It First” crooner put up to his Instagram Live ahead in June to ask with straight men to exhibit additional love for their gay brothers. “A ton of n-ggas that’s straight they don’t be attempting to shout out to the gay society,

All my gay n-ggas over here are like ‘wait,’ so I gotta accomplish it because I wanna make confident n-ggas know I’m exhibiting nothing but love. He further said “Listen, I only wanna tell that it’s gay dignity month. Shout out to all my gay n-ggas. Shout out to everyone in LGBT society.

I said my n-ggas that there need to be more straight n-ggas providing love to the gay n-ggas and I dislike using the N-word but seems it’s important tho.” He further continued.

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