Blac Chyna Br’oke down in Tears In Co*rtroom During Test’ifying About Rob Kardashian Le*king Her N*des

Blac Chyna’s civil la**uit over Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner is well above in co*rt. Thursday mentioned the second day of evid’ence from the influ encer and model. During on the witness stand in today’s hearing, Chyna allegedly turn into te*rs as she again

called an matter of revenge po***raphy provided by former fiancé Robert Kardashian. According to TMZ, Kardashian Lawyer Michael Rhodes showed the in cident in co*rt on Thursday by introducing Chyna’s prior fi’led preventing order over Rob. The order was her reaction to the vital physical n**ity content.Kardashian-Jenner’s lawyer questioned Chyna if the order was a officially gr’ab attention on her side. As she answered to the asking of attorney of Jenner’s, the model began to cry. Back in 2017, Robert shared on social media to blast Chyna for supposed to be ch*ating on him with various men.

He asserts Chyna of taking d**gs and ad**cted of al**hols, as he spent about $1 million in her over a just two months. In one post, he shared “I never felt so insu lted before in my life. I just bought her a jewelry of 250k yesterday. He constantly, this lady is so Insu lting and know I don’t care about it.

And care he did not. Robert shared Various photos and some clips of the mother of his daughter Dream to on various social media platforns. A post have a text between the ex lovers that

have a photo of her ex**sing private parts. On Thursday, she give evid ence that her aim wasn’t to gr’ab media lime light after visiting on Good Morning America just one day after filing the c*se.

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