Courtney A. Kemp reveal Boris Kodjoe Was Nearly Cast To Play Gh’ost In ‘Power’

When Power aired on STARZ on June 7, 2014, buf’fs were delivered into an uproar. A fresh cast of characters was ra*idly launched, alluring millions of fans for years to appear. As the opening fame rolled and Joe’s sultry songs rang out, “They tell this is a huge wealthy town. I just arrive from the neediest portion,

you barely knew you were in for a ride. Everybody remembers by presently that the character James “Gh’ost” St. Patrick was depicted by Omari Hardwick. But what if you saw a distinct name while the 50-Cent and Joe alliance and the mesmerizing visuals played? As per the show’s maker, CourtneyA. Kemp, nearly occurred. Courtney A. Kemp sat down with The Crew Has It pod’cast, where she disclosed that Real Husband of Hollywood celebrity Boris Kodjoe was nearly assigned the role of Gh’ost. But she made it obvious that from the beginning, she always “knew who [she] wanted.

I needed Omari Hardwick,” Kemp asserted. “That’s who I needed from the start.” Regardless, she told that the studio had different intuitions of utilizing an actor with extra of a draw. But she constantly felt Omari Hardwick had everything she considered for the character. Hardwick finally secured the role of “Free” in the film.Though, he was at first told by the casting director that he was “too good-looking” for the portion when he went to audition. But Omari Hardwick prevailed and withdrew, slipping into a transformed look that comprised a gold tooth.

As an outcome, he was apt to trick the exact casting director, who had no idea that Hardwick was the exact individual she had watched in an audition a week earlier.

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