Brooklyn Pastor Lamor Miller Dif’ficult Whitehead’s Past Reemerges Days After In’cident

The Brooklyn native’s father was k**led by la* officers when he was just a new born, leaving his mother to raise the child alone. Lamor ba*tled valiantly ag*inst all the diff iculties to be model student and citizen while aw’are of his father’s d*ing.

He earned academic and at;hle tic h*nours and graduated from school. His studies in accounting and video graphy allowed him to receive scholar ships from Shaw University, Farmingdale University,and Eastern New Mexico University. For Pastor Lamor White head, things were modest to begin with. With only 43 participants, he estab lished the Leaders of Tomorrow Ministry in Brooklyn, New York, in 2013. For them to pray and socialize, it was important to establish a sec’ure environment.

He expanded the chu’rch from its modest ori’gins into a suit able building. After leaving the actual ch*rch, he started working with in dividuals through panels, pod casts, radio interviews, speaking enga gements, and other venues. After his ch*rch r**bery, Pastor Lamor gained more not*riety thanhe had a week earlier. Three men showed up as White head was pr**ching his Sunday ser mon live online and ro*be’d him. The men approached him while he was speaking and were all dressed in black. White head jumped to the ground with an obvious fe*rful ex pression. Local news outlets claim that the men removed jewels worth $1

million from him and his wife. At around 9:30 am, everything hap pened. Then, after pers*ading a ch*rch member that he could help her in vest and buy a house despite her poor credit, it was un covered that the Bis hop had conned her out of her entire retirement savings. He stated on social media today that he will

hold an emer gency press conf erence to address the r**ours and that he plans to start the House of Wo* ship Com’munity Campaign to pre;vent other chu**hes from being at**ck’ed in the same way as his own.

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