Chili’s Server Fixes A Broken Cheeseburger For A Girl With Autism

Who doesn’t enjoy a Chili’s cheeseburger? When they were welcomed and seated in a nearby Chili’s restaurant, Anna MacLean, her husband, and her sister Arianna, age 7, had the same impression. The sisters like spending time together while eating out, and Anna can assist Arianna, who has autism, with interacting with others in public.

Anna posts a lengthy description of the meal on the restaurant’s Facebook page following a remarkable interaction with the staff. When our server, Lauren, approached us at our seat, Arianna, my youngest sister, didn’t spare any time in saying hello. Before Lauren could even take our drink order, Arianna placed her order for a cheeseburger, pickles, fries, and chocolate milk.Okay, Lauren said with a smile to Arianna. Your chocolate milk will be ready when I get back. When their meal was delivered, Arianna tucked into her French fries. Arianna, however, refused to eat her cheeseburger. Are you going to eat your cheeseburger, Anna asked Arianna. No, I don’t want it, Arianna answered firmly.

Anna continued her explanation in the Facebook post. In honour of the beloved animated series SpongeBob SquarePants, the family frequently refers to cheeseburgers as Krabby Patties. Since cheeseburgers are one of Arianna’s all-time favourite foods, it was remarkably uncharacteristic of her to be uninterested in her cheeseburger,especially with pickles. Anna then questioned Arianna, Why don’t you want it? It’s broken, responded Arianna. I require another that is corrected.
For her autistic customer’s broken hamburger, the Chili’s server had a remedy. Lauren was extremely kind, simply smiling and assisting Arianna while saying, “I gave you a broken cheeseburger?

I’ll have them make you a fresh one, you know. Anna and her husband were taken aback by this remark. The shattered cheeseburger could have easily been removed from the table by Lauren, but she chose not to. I loved how she really told Arianna what she was doing, as opposed to just grabbing it off the table. While this may seem small, Anna notes that by telling Arianna what she was doing, we were able to avoid a crisis.

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