Chrisean Rock flashes smile on Insta with Her Missing Tooth

Actor Chrisean Rock is now sporting a new smile after seeing the dentist. The artist revealed about her plans last week to replace her famed missing tooth in a video clip. Featuring a woman named Sky, Chrisean appeared to be in a dental clinic. The two joked about missing teeth.

Chrisean actually lost her front tooth during a fight on the reality show Blue Girls Club. Since then her missing tooth became a signature look she maintained for over two years. Despite trolling and requests by the fans on social media to fix the tooth, Chrisean told media that her boyfriend Blueface had covered the costs of repairing her smile at the time.

Chrisean now asks Dentist for filling gap in Her Smile and he Begs Her To Heal First. “We can make a gap. When you’re done healing, I can make you a gap, I can do whatever the hell you want to, but just let it heal,” Dr. Thomas said.Chrisean while enjoying it explained herself by saying, “cause I had a gap babe, this tooth bigger than the other one, whatchu mean.” She left the cosmetic dental clinic with no gap and advuce from Dr. Thomas to heal and avoid getting it knocked out.

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