Comedian Lil Duval’s s*ruck by car in Bahamas, Now being airlifted Nassau for su**ery

€For Lil Duval, prayers are requested. It was recently announced that the comedian must have su*gery after su*fering a catast**phic mi*hap. The Bahamas, where Lil Duval has strong ties, have been the subject of his most recent travelogue.

On the island in the Caribbean, the comedian also owns property. He constantly expresses how much he adores the Bahamas, notably when he hosted the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. Additionally, Duval mentioned how much the island had been on his mind throughout the di**ster.Lil Duval hasn’t been af**id to talk about his trips to his Bahamas home. He regularly broadcasts live from his social media accounts while unwinding on his property. He also mentioned how, as a child, he would visit family and spend the summer in the Bahamas.

The comedian frequently leases a jet that he also pilots to travel to the Bahamas. He recently returned there, and he has been updating his social media fans on his most recent travels. He made a point of spending a lot of his recent vacation exhibiting his love for being by

the ocean during his Hot 97 interview. Lil Duval released a film of an en**unter with a man who talked about his grandfather in another video. The comedian posted a video of the four-wheeler on his Instagram Stories, he planned to ride. The car, however,

was having issues and wouldn’t start. However, it appeared that he had succeeded, only for tragedy to strike a short while later. Lil Duval posted on his Instagram that someone hit me in the car when I was on my 4 wheeler. In a video,

the comedian could be seen being carried by medical personnel on a stretcher. Duval also revealed that due to his unlucky fractured leg, he had to be transported to Nassau, Bahamas, for extensive surgery.


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