Connecticut Mayor sus’pended 2 Detectives allocated To La*suit Of Lauren Smith Fields’ D*mise

The d*mise of 23-year-old Lauren Smith-Fields cons tantly to getting tra*tion on social media, the world con*tantly to ask for ju*tice as they seek for the person responsible for her d*ath to be cha*ged and as soon as possible should be in p**son and definitely sen’tenced to d*ath.

Connecticut public profe ssionals are listening and taking a*tion in the base of la*, who they feel not handable her and else deceased Black woman’s la**uit. According to NBC Connec ticut, Bridgeport Mayor Joseph P. Ganim has came across in and rejected two det*ctives. Reports show Mayor Ganin sharedlate Sunday that dete*tives Kevin Cronin and Angel Llanos allocate to the la**uitd of Lauren and Brenda Lee Rawls are leg*llu su*pended. In a live platform yesterday, Mayor Ganin showed cond*lences to the families of both ladies. While live stream, he told was “really ashamed with the leadership

of the Bridgeport Police Department and find steps taken up to this way not acceptable.” He also mentioned in his live stream that he’s feeling so overwh elmed after this in cident. He said, I’m concern about the family they didn’t get ju*tice yet even don’t know the reason of one of the d*ath.This action is not accept able from the Officers I’m totally r*gret. If you’re not known with the d*ath of 53-year-old Brenda, she passed away on December 12th, the exact day as La*ren. Brenda’s family su*pose that Of*icers have not obser vated her d*mise or taken the matter cr**ically. Also, Brenda and

Lauren’s families weren’t in formed by any legal infor mations of their d*mise. Both women’s families say they knew of the d*aths via a land lord and a neigh bor. Brenda’s reason of d*mise is still pen ding, and Lauren’s was got an ac**dent. We will keep you inform whatever infor mation we get as soon as possible well informed.

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