Constitutional Day – A Reminder For All Of Us

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It is not caste gender identity but it is the commitment and contribution towards National construction, respect towards humanity that makes one valuable and incredible, and this is what the Constitution taught us On 26 November 1949, the Constitution was completed and came into action on 26 January 1950. A day when the nation got its own set of rules on which the future is dependent. This Constitution provided it to every citizen, irrespective of any difference. India, a wonderful country distinct in culture and religion with numerous festivals that are celebrated here. In addition to this, there are varied climates zones, overflowing natural resources, and beautiful landscapes across the country.

When a country got independence at that time many European socio-political experts said this country would not stand as a democracy. According to the famous Political Scientist, Robert Dahl “that India could sustain democratic Institutions seems, on the face of it, highly improbable and lacks the favourable conditions ( Ramachandra Guha 2007). Yet we have sustained no doubt there were hard times in the past, but we chase those hard times very well. On 26 November this year in the Covid 19 we are rejoicing in the constitutional day, our freedom fighters who fight for independence in respect of caste, colour, religion, and gender with full enthusiasm for this constitution. This is because of their hard sacrifices today we as a Nation are celebrating the Day of the Constitution. There are the grounds why we are celebrating this day to commemorate the significance of the Indian Constitution and those who contribute and highlight their role while farming the cornerstone document of the country.

As citizens of this democratic country, we need to introspect to ourselves how much we are obeying the Constitution in our daily lives. This is not for the common people, but it is also for the political parties who take an oath of this book before attaining the political chair. If we celebrate the days but do not follow the duties that have been enshrined in the document, it means we are just saying and not committed to the Constitution. Many times politicians talk against the violence of women, but we know many times their friends are the ones who committed this crime. The reason is we have not fitted the constitutional values in our blood we are just saying. To cite the example of various laws and acts like we have domestic violence acts even we know, but still, the violence against the women in the country are in surge every day we see the headlines in the papers. The same case with the Acts related to the Environment, but still, we are violating these norms and destroying the environment for happiness and desires. Apart from this, some sections of the population are targeting the particular community by citing freedom of speech. In the present scenario, the way freedom of speech is misused and taken out of context. Freedom of speech does not mean a person disrespects the sentiments and feelings of another person or community. Nowadays it has become a common trend that some people use freedom of speech even for the disrespect of others, while some are put behind the bars to raise genuine voices according to this article 19 of the constitution.


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During the time of election the politicians and their supporters, all forgot the constitutional values, and many times; foul language is used against each other. To cite the example of the Delhi election 2019, which later on germinated the flames of communal violence in the National capital. Sometimes those issues are discussed in the political platforms that are coming in the arena of the personal sphere and these discussed things even go against the spirit of the Constitution like recently the notion of love Jihad, it is personal freedom of the individual to choose the partner. Things do not stop here the way the media is propagating hatred against the specific communities and sections are openly in violation of the preamble of the Indian Constitution. According to the Preamble of the constitution, India is a secular country. Everyone has the right to worship. There is no state religion but the way certain citizens are started and decimated in the name of religion. In the past, many cases had happened where certain people thrashed some people, forced the other people to chant some religious mantras, and when they did not do that they were lynched and some were tagged with
malicious tags, and fingers were raised on their Nationalism.

It is our collective duty to obey the constitutional values in the full spirit and contribute to the National construction. The Preamble of our constitution committed the notions of Justice, including the social, political Justice, liberty of thought expression, belief, faith, and worship equality understood to include that of status and opportunity. Under the heading of Fraternity, the preamble professed to ensure the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the nation. The foundation stone of effective democracy is the rule of law: nobody, no organization, no institution is above the law, and all the
citizens of the country are equal in the eyes of the law.

There are various factors because of which the common people are not aware of the constitutional values. The foremost is a lack of awareness among the people as; in countries like India; the lawyers and students of Political science only have to read about the Constitution. The rest of the people think they did not need to study the Constitution and are living in the vial of ignorance. However, it should be made compulsory for every stream to read the Constitution of the country. If the people did not know the Constitution, then how did they show their valid opinions about the legislation process? There is also a lack of robust infrastructure in the country for law education. To wind up, the real purpose of the celebration of the National Constitutional day is not the only celebration. But it reminds us that it is our collective as well as individual duty of every citizen of this country to respect and adopt the values of the constitution in our daily lives. Besides this, we also must speak against those who are trying to weaken the Constitution and its spirit. If the politicians misuse this constitution, then even we must talk and show them that nobody is above the rule of law. In the present times, we witness a lot of issues regarding the constitution as much legislation has gone to the Supreme Court to test their constitution validity. The way Jammu and Kashmir were split into union territories without the consent of the people of the state. And for this whole state was kept in the lockdown and communication blockade, the other is the citizenship amendment bill now time will tell when the Honorable Supreme Court speaks on these issues.

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