‘Cowin issues licence to spread virus’

Covid Certificate


Health department passes buck to Family Welfare

You have successfully been vaccinated with your 2nd dose with Covishield on 01-01-2022 at 4:10 PM,” read a message from COWIN. The message was received by Mohammad Sajad of Syed Wari, Khanyar with surprise. He phoned his friend Javed Shah and told him about the message of having been administered the second dose of COVID Vaccine. Javed reciprocated by saying that he also received the similar message. COWIN had issued certificates to kill the duo who were still waiting for their second dose next week.

As the country is approaching target of 1.5 billion vaccinations, it seems concerned authorities in the valley are trying to catch up with the flawed mechanism, hence putting the entire society at risk.

There is a gross lack of Coordination between the Health department and department of family welfare who are responsible for administering Covid Vaccine.

“I took my first Covisheild shot on 21st September 2021 in Gousia Hospital and second dose was due on 25th December 2021 which is pending till date. But to my utter surprise last Sunday me and my friend received a message thanking for taking both dose”, said Javed Shah, a newspaper Editor.


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Authorities had set a target to vaccinate all adults by the end of 2021. By issuing the certificates to one and all mean. Come what may every adult should carry fully vaccinated certificates by the year end.

Asked about the fake and sham certificate an official in the Health department accepted gross mistakes and shortcomings said,” since the whole process has been done manually there are mistakes in the process”.

On the condition of Anonymity he said, health department cannot cope with the ‘cumbersome job’ but the blame on the department of Family Welfare

When this correspondent tried to have the version of  Directorate of Family Welfare MCH & Immunization J&K, Director General, Family Welfare, Dr Saleem Ur Rehman in a text message said call you later. GMK waited for two days for his call.


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