Crystal Smith Posted Lengthy Post Describing Al**gations Of Infidelity From Ne-Yo, I’ll No Longer Li’e To Public

Recently, Ne-Yo, who liked the post, and Crystal Smith posted a lengthy statement with ac***ations surr’ounding their six-year marriage. Crystal Smith said in the b*mb shell Instagram post that Ne-Yo had un pro*ected inter co*rse with many women throu ghout their eight-year relationship,

which she claimed amounted to che*ting on her. You’ll remember that just a few months ago, the pair reki ndled their vows. When it comes to her very da**ged marriage to Ne-Yo, Crystal Smith didn’t hold anything back in a single post on her Instagram page. She claimed that Ne-Yo wasun faithful and called him a narcissist while announcing that she will no longer play the v**tim. Part of Crystal’s message said: 8 years of fab**cations and tr**kery. For eight years, I have un inte ntionally shared my husband and I with a large number of women who sell their b**ies to him b*re,

every single one of them. It would be an under statement to say that I’m di**usted and heart broken. It is completely rid**ulous to want me to stay and t**erate it. The na***ssist’s way of thinking. I won’t continue to mislead the public or act as though this is happening when it isn’t.I make the decision to be happy, healthy, and respected. Additionally, she b**ged her followers to hold off on providing her evidence of Ne-Yo’s infidelity Because what he does is no longer my concern, I ask that you all stop giving me recordings or information about him ch**ting. In the meantime,

Ne-Yo himself answered via a message on Twitter less than 24 hours later. My family and I will work through our issues behind closed doors for the sake of our children, he wrote in the message. Personal issues should not be discussed in public settings. Ne-Yo and Crystal held a

grandiose vow re newal ceremony in April, which was at**nded by many celebrities and was intended to seal their was intended to seal their recommitment to one another after div*rcing in 2020

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