D.L. Hughley says man like this late comedian are not made anymore

D.L Hughley talks about the deceased legendary comedian Bernie Mac who had left an indelible mark on the comedy world with his art. That’s why his family, the comedic world, and fans around the world still feel the sting of his death in August of 2008.

Talking about Mac’s legacy lives through his incredible works in stand-up comedy and his impact Fellow Original Kings Of Comedy star D. L. Hughley describes Mac as an uncommon kind of man and that’s the reason why hehave a tendency not to live long.D. L. Hughley reflected on older memories of the Chicago legend Bernie Mac in a 2015 interview, Hughley said, Bernie Mac used to feel like he would not be accepted by America. He was always talking about how nobody understood him and how he would never get his shot.”

Hughley said that he used to laugh in response to Mac’s comments because he always knew and believed the comedian would make it. He also credited Bernie Mac for teaching him how to be fearless. He added, “As much as you can respect somebody who’s in your age, I’ve never seen a man like him.For last many years Hughley has been continuously sharing about his late friend. On the 11th anniversary of his death, Hughley remembered Mac and reiterated that there can’t be any Bernie Mac anymore, man like those are not born now. Even the senior comedian goes on to mention Moses in the Bible, referencing his not arriving at the Promised Land, comparing it to Bernie Mac’s untimely death.

Hughley seems quite nostalgic about Bernie and said that many may hold on to fond memories of the late comedian and continue to love him, things would have been “devastating” if he were still alive today. He opines that if Mac would be performing today in such a politically charged atmosphere the fans would have torn him apart because he would not have done what society wanted him to do, he would be less concerned about politically correctness and the masses would have misunderstood him.

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