Danny Brown Shares Hor’rific Ass*ult Story

Danny gave the article on comedian Tom Segura’s 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast, indicating that Ninja slam him up before his concert in Paris, saying Brown that he would uncover him when he got there. Brown then demonstrated that Ninja mo’b surfed his path to the theater at his concert, which Danny conceded was a calm act’ion, but aspects got on south from there. Danny clarified that Ninja kneeled on his lap at a league in Paris and began kissing his neck. Danny remarked,

The n***a was squatting on my lap attempting to gather with me, and it freaked me out. I was in Paris, in a lounge. I fiddled this concert and then my DJ kept an after party. Danny then talked about Ninja attempting to catch him up with Die Antwoord unit Yolandi Visser, with whom he also shares a child, stating,

Ninja began to put it on you with Yolandi, like, You realize what I’m telling? My b*tch prepared to…’ Danny disclosed that aspects got even more strange from there, That would’ve occurred a quarrel, but I’m in Paris. Who wish to be in a Parisian prison? N***a, do you remember what prison is equal for me in Paris? It’s gonna be crazy.

So I’m shell-shocked, like, This truly accomplishing this?But I didn’t expect to drag the n***a to, like, toss the n***a up off me. Subsequently announcing that he could’ve Me, Danny got on to demonstrate that he didn’t come out riding into Ninja delayed that night in Paris, but he expanded that the clash damaged his night. You can understand the entire article above.

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