The div*rce between Tichina Arnold & DaRico Hines has been fin’alized

Following the conclusion of her div*rce from NBA coach DaRico Hines, Tichina Arnold may now li’ve her life as a free woman. Le*al records show that a co*rt approved Tichina’s div*rce on July 15. The pro*edure has been in the works for a while. Due to an alleged se* tape of the actor’s husband and

another lady, the actress declared in 2016 that she was div*rcing him. A Hines re presen tative declined to respond to questions about the alle*ations at the time. The spokes person did, how ever, note that the pair was going through a private and highly personal problem.The online newspaperadded the following: She listed the customary ir rec*ncilable dis agreements in the documents, but she did specify the date of sep*ration as January 12, 2016, or nearly three and a half years after their wedding. Arnold and Hines chose not to receive sp*usal as*istance despite the seeming complexity of the div*rce and se*aration.

Assets such as clothing, jewellery, and bank accounts were not divided. And with that, every thing is done. In a previous interview with PEOPLE, the “Everybody Hates Chris” actress opened out about her choice to divorce her sp*use and said she felt deceived after seeing a graphic video of DaRico having with another woman.I had the im pression that he should be more than just my husband that he should also be my conf idant and buddy. some one I can put my trust in. And an issue arises when you can’t trust the person you spend the night with. Even though Tichina announced the idea in 2016, she didn’t actually carry it out until August 2021.

The divorce papers indicate that the couple’s irr econcilable dis agreements caused their separation on January 12, 2016. The former couple waived their right to spousal assistance because they did not have children together.

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