Does God Love Everyone Equally?

Lisa Bevere asks a query that many believers have likely been considering. Does God love everyone equally, she questioned? The Holy Spirit said to Bevere, I do not love my children equally, as she lay down to take a nap one day while she was experiencing jet lag. Bevere says the statement left her speechless. God must love us all equally.

He couldn’t possibly prefer some people over others. However, the Holy Spirit said, Same would suggest that one of you is replaceable. My kids are not all loved by me equally. I adore them specifically. Bevere noticed the word unique and sought up the definition: Sole representative of. In other words, no one else represents God the way that you do. She preferred the third tier of the term, though: without a rival. Nobody can challenge you for God’s affection. Your position in the world has no rivals. Bevere continues by identifying a conflict with rivalry that exists in the church. She claims that this issue is reducing our ability to be effective. Because you are too preoccupied contrasting and comparing yourself to others.when God has placed an identity and a calling without competition on your life, rivalry is robbing the body of Christ of the strength that is on you. It can be challenging to recall our true identities. We are God’s cherished children. We are able to call ourselves children of God because of the immense love the Father has shown for us. That is what we are as well. Because the world did not know him, it does not know us. (1 John 3:1)

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