40 Dogs found from Evi’ction, By Austin Animal Centre

The reports from, AUSTIN, Texas (AAC) The Austin Animal Centre took in more than 40 dogs that were taken from the house of a random person that was being expelled for about a week. AAC told to Travis, County Constable’s Office said them that they were going to be ch**ged a su*mon of

ownership for a house and said they thought there were may be 20 dogs inside the house. But they were sh**ked after founding there 40 Dogs. The owner of the house has submitted all the dogs to the dogs shelter. The dogs were in good conditions and also the some of them are ad*pted orbrought to shelters in Wisconsin and other area of Texas. The Austin Animal Center has been searching at supera bundance for months. Manager of marketing and communication at AAC, who’s name is Kelsey Cler, told suddenly, they have been seeing the same condition. It’s hard,

to find in Austin a low cost housing or flat and the pets.” Cler said: “I think it’s the money and housing expanses that people are experiencing all around the U.S., but also here in Austin, where we have to pay the pet rent, pet deposit, pet fee and breed and also weight restrictions,In which you can’t adopt extra weight pets. said Cler. People came here after facing some type of financial problem, it’s urgent or something like that, ‘They make a fake story like they need to go out of station or somewhere, to give up my pet,

she also explained, We’re recently facing a lot of people that aren’t compulsory getting expelled but lets talk on point where they can’t took their expanses.” Austin Pets Al*ve! Provided the P.A.S.S. Program to help w**ried pet owners.

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