Dreka Gates Sighted With Kevin Gates And Their Children

Recently, album-related incident seemed more like a family affair for American Rapper Kevin Gates. The Khaza rapper seemed in a clip starring his kids and their mommy, Dreka Gates. Their mutual appearance brought out a few innanet gasps as families have marvelled about their wedding status since June.

In the short clip, the estranged couple’s kids, Islah and Khaza, stayed on either side of their daddy. At one sense, Kevin consults his young daughter about her car priorities. Dreka was seated about two chairs down from Kevin, facing his and their kids’ direction. Additional clips reveal her sporting a smiling and impartial demeanour.As anticipated, social media users shared their feelings on Dreka’s presence with her husband following the detachment rumours. Meanwhile, Dreka’s recent Instagram Story subject has centred on her agriculture routines.

As recently reported, footage caught Kevin on a city step and live at meal with past Love & Hip-Hop Miami castmate Jojo Zarur. In a follow-up discussion with The Shade Room, Jojo contended that she and Kevin are on dollar bill status. She established no indications of an emotional reconciliation but revealed a friendship spanning “over a decade.”

Kevin didn’t withhold or substantiate his sole status in the days pursuing his outing with Jojo. Nonetheless, the next day he circulated a general video endangering  anyone who “play with anything he lo reposted the video with the headline, “play with me if u want to.”In the similar time frame, Kevin disclosed a freestyle called ‘Super General’. He starred Jojo in the music video. Nonetheless, Kevin also name-dropped his wife Dreka–seemingly implying at married trouble. He proposed his lyrics in the song he devoted to Dreka in 2020 were zero more than tall tales.

Later in the freestyle, Kevin got raunchy while expressing his sexual desire for Rubi Rose, Beyoncé, and Nicki Minaj. Rubi later responded to Kevin’s fantasy of having his “tongue deep in [her] a** while [he] kiss all on [her] kitty.” She wrote, “Kevin Gates freaky as hell lol” on Twitter. Married ladies Nicki and Beyoncé kept their commentary, if any, to themselves


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