Emotional Maturity: A level of self Understanding



No one heals staying in the same environment in which he fell ill. You get sick for various reasons, both physical and psychological. The same is true of all kinds of diseases. There are evils of the body and evils of the soul. Mind and body are inseparable, just as in antiquity it was already taught, that is, we have to take care of everything that constitutes us, inside and out. There is no point in a perfect body inhabited by a scandalized soul, and vice versa. Unfortunately, it is difficult to look at this need to balance what comes from outside and what is born here, what the mirror reflects and what not, what we do with our body and what they do with our soul. The whole world overestimates appearances, which hinders the attention that must be turned to what we feel, to what makes us good. We know very well which clothes we want to wear, but it is complicated to know what accelerates our heart. Perhaps no one will be able to get rid of the unhappiness that takes care of you if you stay still without leaving the place. What gets us sick should be avoided, be it the cold wind, or the cold treatment of others. Being careless with health gets sick, being careless with feelings as well. Healthy practices include both physical activities and exercising self-esteem. Feed the body and soul, always. No one will be happy staying in stories whose end has no chance to be happy. No one heals without cutting off the cause of evil, without depriving himself of what hurts and contaminates his happiness, without avoiding being with those who do nothing more than suffer.

No one ever smiles where their happiness has been lost, stolen, debased, denied. Understanding that pain and illness are warnings that call for calm, that call us for a rethink, for a breathe, for survival, ends up encouraging us to take the right actions, no matter how they hurt, how sad they seem impossible. Nothing is impossible, when there are still dreams to be achieved and life within us. If we can not fall away from what makes us sick, then dreams will die, plans will die, we will die, even if alive. Yet for many days. For years.


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The love of your life will not always be the love for your life. Unfortunately – or even fortunately – we will not always end up with that person and things whom we think is the love and need of our lives. Not even if we’re sure. No one predicts the future, we just have to plan it. No one can affirm with all letters what will happen, who will stay, who will leave. This is one of the most painful and pleasurable characteristics of this life. Passion tends to snatch and shuffle our senses, blinding us in front of that which is not good. We thus idealize our object of desire, overvaluing everything that attracts us to it, but forgetting the warnings that are there. To mature the passion hurts, because it requires to undress the veil of illusion and to face what is really there with us. From passion to love there is a long and difficult path of compromise, of struggle, of understanding, of exchange and disposition. Love is will, more than desire. It is delivery, more than care. It is to wake up daily for the purpose of loving and loving the same person and dream again, despite and for the sake of. Without detachment, sharing, empathy and truth, love some revenge. No one stays where there is only empty echo. Sometimes the love of our life is not the right, the healthier, the calmer love. And if there is no calm, no one is quiet, because no feeling is accommodated to what is uncomfortable and it hurts.

Sometimes we delude ourselves and see love of life in anything, in anyone, especially if we are in too much need. Hence the need to soothe the heart, to hear every measure it emits, according to what we offer and receive. Without rhythm, love is gone. With calm and emotional maturity, we are able to understand that, often, love for our lives is not who we thought was the love of our life. Some people, however much they love and love, can not stay together because they end up hurting themselves and ceasing to be themselves. And there will exist the love that we deserve, that will come and will nest in our soul, with truth and reciprocity, without doubt and without halves. Yes, this will be the love for your life, for your read, for your story to be happier and fulfilled. Your mind reasons and your heart knows. You find yourself in a tug of war between what your mind is trying to impose and what your heart wants to feel. And then you don’t know what to do. Will you be guided by the emotions that spring up inside or will you calmly reflect on the situation? The truth is that you would do anything to feel free and happy. You would get carried away without limits if you really knew this is what you need. However, you do not know. You have doubts that your heart will take you to a place where you will suffer, and therefore make your mind avoid it. “Who should I listen to?” You must be wondering. Well, it is beneficial to your future well-being that you listen to your mind and heart. Yes, to both. Both have things to say to you: each has its own unique characteristics to understand and act upon the world.

What your mind has to say ,When there is a conflict between the mind and the heart, many people try to position themselves. On the one hand, some believe that reason is superior to feelings because letting us lead them makes us vulnerable. On the other hand, some believe that emotion is paramount in order to love others, and they say that love moves us. The truth is that everyone is right in part. The human being is characterized by having reason and heart, and both form a whole that cannot be divided. Separation, in fact, is dangerous: the mind uses logic but forgets what it feels; the guiding heart, but without control, may be mistaken. I like feeling-minded people, who do not separate reason from the heart.They feel and think at the same time. Without divorcing the head of the body, nor the emotion of reason. If you don’t know what to do, start listening to your head is a good option. First, because she is in charge of thinking, arguing, and establishing the wisdom of her innermost being. Second, it is your mind that will give you a little of the sanity you may need. What your heart has to say, However, if you have no choice but to tilt the balance a little further, do not let your heart be the servant of your thinking. Remember that, logically, the right answer doesn’t always have to act if it is not in line with what you feel. It is good to hear what the heart has to say. You may have attributed to him the property of being blind, and yet he is the part of your body that knows the most about things. Have you heard that reason ignores what the heart knew before? The heart understands, above all, of adrenaline, intuition, misfortune, love and strength.

It’s the one who will make sense of what you do, even if you don’t think it makes any sense. Emotion is decisive in a rational process. In fact, they say that it is our feelings that lead the way, but it is the head that chooses the best way to place ourselves in it. You need to harmonize the confusion you are in. You will be able to listen by setting priorities and values that are close to where you want to go. It will do no good to turn your back on your mind, to ignore it, for you will meet the right circumstances. It is also no use not following the heart, because then you will never understand why you are moving in one direction or another. Knowing yourself and accepting that you are concretely right now, in this moment, is the first step to being able to change. If you don’t know your needs, your impulses and where your actions come from, it will be difficult to seek and find a solution. Recover the arrows you shoot and you will gain in maturity. People who blame others do not perceive the other as separate from them.

They perceive the other as a slave who must satisfy their needs for tyranny. The moment you worry about retrieving all the arrows you’ve shot at others and bringing you responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you can become more aware of situations and remedy that crippling blindness you made yourself into. your flag.

I like to believe in the impossible. If not, I would possibly die without smiling enough to be able to love my life. I learned to measure everything by the size of the smile it gives me. When I smile, I am born a little more each day. It works like a birth of love. A space where I forget about time and turn around to see the bright side of the moon. The truth is, I can’t imagine my life without the impossible. I think I’d rather die. At least in heaven anything is possible. It was an angel who told me and I believed it, just because he told me with a smile in his eyes. I am an accomplice of everything that involves freedom. I am naturally fond of everything that breathes freedom. Sometimes my freedom has ground, sometimes it has sky. Other times it has nothing but a smile. The truth is that I love my freedom and I don’t give it up for anything or anyone. I’ve known for a long time that if I’m not free, I’m going to die alive. I will trip over my feet wanting to run and clench my tongue in an attempt to speak the language of others. Being free is a right. It is first and foremost a choice. It is emotional maturity and emotional intelligence which helps me to understand the levels of life.

Sajad Ul Hassan is a regular columnist of Good Morning Kashmir. He can be reached at sajadhassan316@gmail.com.



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