Employee of Burger King Launches Ra*ist Venting, ‘PIECE OF SH*T’ on White Couple

A Burger King employee was seen on camera going on a r**ist rant ag*inst a white couple in the fast-food restaurant’s drive-thru. Now, she is paying the price for her in appropriate out bu*st. A black Burger King wait ress all*gedly launched a ra**st tirade at a Hispanic couple who she mis took for white,

according to the Daily Mail. At a Burger King drive-thru in North Miami Beach, an employee and a couple got into a su*prising argument. After then, the cellphone video gained popularity. It appears that the consumers asked for a refund on their order after the manager handled their mealwhile touching her phone. Although they are not white, the employee cr**icized them for being such since she didn’t want to work with them. She yelled at the couple, who were driving with a wailing child,

B****, post it to Snapchat. You white piece of s**t, f*** you. what do you say? The Burger King drive-thru in North Miami Beach where a black employee’s racial out bu*st was caught on camera. We’re not even white; we’re His panic, the woman in the car retorted. Get it right before the drive-throughwindow is sl**med sh*t by the employee next to the irate worker. But the obstinate employee opened the window once more while calling the woman a fat b****. I don’t care. The female customer said, At least I’m not working at Burger King. I don’t care, the employee retorted, becoming even more incensed.

B****, I have two parents, I attend school, and this job pays so poorly. Thus, it is irr elevant. It appears that the ra**st employee is not currently employed at Burger King. Her job at the fast food restaurant has been te*minated.

According to a Burger King repr esentative, This team member’s actions do not reflect the values of the Burger King brand. The person is no longer employed by the company because of our zero-t*lerance p*licy for this kind of behaviour.

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