Irv Gotti Dra’gged For Being Married The Entire Period He Dated Ashanti & Upset She Moved On With Nelly

Irv Gotti is back with a new Ashanti tale. The M**der Inc. CEO will discuss his feelings reg*rding his former artist leaving him for another man in his up coming third appearance on the D*ink Champs Podcast. Fans are criticizing Gotti, though, because he was married during the period of time he’s furious about.

The record producer is presently popular after a sn ippet from an upcoming episode went viral. The exact dates of Irv Gotti’s marriage and div*rce from his first wife, Deb Lorenzo, who goes by the name Irving Lorenzo Jr., are unknown. Angie, JJ, and Sonny are three of the former couple’s shared children.Irv Gotti and his then-artist Ashanti were allegedly having an il’licit affair, according to persistent ru*ours. Many others also thought that the singer of “Happy” was to bl*me for their break up. However, the claims that Ashanti was the ca*se of Irv Gotti and Deb Lorenzo’s break up were unfounded.

She did admit, though, in an interview with Essence that her ex-constant husband’s ad**tery played a part in their break down. Irv Gotti discussed their sep aration in more detail during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, insisting that Ashanti was not the reason behind their breakup.

Instead, according to HipHopDX, he claims that Deb discovered him in his hotel room with another lady in Baltimore. Irv Gotti has already discussed his complicated relationship with Ashanti in his speeches. Once as close as brothers, the two parted ways as legal issues started to surround her record label,

Irv Gotti’s, to which she was signed. I’ve put a lot of love, time, energy, and work into this person, he remarked. In 2021, he would also discuss her in another post on Martinez’s Instagram that had a tape of Ashanti discussing

re-recording her masters. The rapper Irv Gotti criticized the singer, saying that she is essentially trying to [screw him] out of [his] Masters, and make people choose which album to listen to or stream.

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