Erika Alexander Discusses of Her Late Grandmother & her T**gic D*ath

Favorite television personality Erika Alexander is best recognized for her role in the 1990s sitcom Living Single. Fans may now watch her on Run the World, An American Saga, and Wu-Tang. The seasoned performer’s past is as distinctive as the characters she has portrayed on television.

She once spoke up to The Breakfast Club about her back ground and the eni gmatic nature of her family, mentioning how both her father and grandmother were healers who dabbled in witchcraft. She spoke openly about her harsh reality and her parents’ existence. Her parents, according to Alexander,were both orphans who met in a ch**ch. They were r*ised by local mis**onary Chr**tians who recognized Alexander’s father’s talent at a young age. Her father was six years old when he was ordained and became well-known for p**aching the Bible while playing on the p*rch while they lived in New Mexico.

Her father started visiting people to heal them. All around the nation, they would set up tents and invite people inside so he could pray for them. Sadly, at age 35, her father would become ill and eventually pass away. Alexander claimed she made up with him before he passed away because her father wasn’ta very compassionate man. She predicted that when he was d*ing, he would wonder why God hadn’t cured him like he had so many others. Alexander started to cry as she asked the same question. She continues by claiming that her grandma was a witch and d*ed as a result of witchcraft.

She used to sprinkle goofer dust over her cafe’s entrance to charm passersby back in the day. Her grandmother once returned from a trip feeling really ill. When she returned, they said that she had her head wedged in between her legs and was ba*king like a dog. The residents of the town set

to work in an effort to heal her, and they succeeded. She regrettably made the decision to return there again during one of her trips and perished in the process. Alexander claimed that they brought her back in a box.

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