Cea’ser Emanuel’s Ex-Girlfriend Suzette re’fuse to Le*king The Animal Ab**e Clip, speak On suppose to Ab**e & More

Cea’ser Emanuel made some hard cha*ged over his ex-girl friend Suzette due to the le*ked video of him saying a d*g. Suze tte has been not said a wor’d, so we went to the real t’or to know what her role in the matter is and what she had to say is any thing different. Suzette recently told TSR that

she did not l*ak the clip of him and that she was the one who br’oke up with him. I’m not the one who had up loaded to that clip. Three people have that video. Ce aser is unaccepting with two of them,” she asserts. Suzette told that Ce’aser has so many en*mies that some one did this to push his class overin their ex home last year, and that’s why she ran from their. “Why would I l*ak the clip?! He was men’acing me that if I left, he would have organization make me look mad this season,” she said. “So I sent a message saying, ‘You know I have this clip of you, so when the show was upto upload in September

if y’all ni***s make me looking mad, I’m overing all of y’all.” Suzette told Ce’aser’s Personal Assistant he gave assu’rance that she had don’t need to w*rry about. Although, she feels Ce’aser uses ‘Black Ink Crew: New York’ and the production group to make fo’ol people. “I wasn’t with him for that.

I’m not a ta’ttoo artist. I have my own production and brand,” she explained. Suzette also asserts that her former wasn’t making the money, as people may tr’ust. She told he didn’t pay for stuffs upto seven months into the connections of our. She fulfil half the bills and told Ce’aser never added financially to her oper*tions/ Su**eries.

However Suzette doubled down that she didn’t know the an’imal a**se clip, she told she prepared on using it as grip if she wasn’t e*hibit in the right light on the recent season of ‘Black Ink Crew: New York.’ “He called my friend’s last week and talk to them for three-hours long saying the network was going to r*in me,” she said this to us.

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