A Four year old Boy fell down, Neighbors heard arguing

The boy fell down from a building of Harlem. This in cident took place on Saturday morning. The neighbours and those who have witn’essed the incident have confirmed that they have listened that the elders were doing arg’ument on some matter on the 29th floor.The boy fell down on the gantry of 5th floor from the 29th floor.

As he fell down his mother started sho’uting “my baby” from downside. According to the sources the child who was not even known till yesterday fell down from the building and di’e’d. Another neighbour told that they heard a loud sound when the boy fell down and they thought that it was sound of construction.According to the reports,when the boy fell down his father first tried to jump on the gantry of the fifth floor to get his child but he failed to do so. Also his mother was shouting on the street.After that his father reached down the stairs cr’ying for his child. This in cident took place in the Taino Towers of New York.

A lady who lives on the 34 th floor of the building said in her statement that her kids have listened the voice of fi’ght between the elders before the boy fell down from the building. The boy fall was very dan’ger’ou’s.The boy was marked dead at around 11:30 am after been taken to the nearby hospital.

The current reports tells us that it was an acc’ident. Domestic vi*lence becames matter of concern Neighbours also said that they have seen the boy before and he sometimes looked very depressed. They also said that they knew of dome’stic vi*len’ce in the family.But the police did not say anything about the violence matter but investigation is going on.

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