Antwain Fowler’s Mom Aims To Open A Restaurant in his Honour

Christina Burns, the mother of youthful viral star Antwain Fowler tells she wishes to honor her young boy’s legacy by opening a cafeteria titled after the term that brought him an internet sensation. Burns told she intends on initiating a (Where We Bout To Eat At) restaurant,

which will accentuate an additional menu card with items called after the various funny food relevant catchword Fowler shared with fans through his YouTube and Instagram videos. Its an ambition she tells she concisely assumed after the family’s actual viral time. Regardless, as the mama of 2 other kids in expansion to Fowler,who was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enteropathy(AIE) which is a rare disorder soon after birth, she clearly couldn’t find the time. Christina Burns hopes to on utilizing money that has been allotted to a GoFundMe account. She built for Fowler in March. Since the 6 year old’s death on November 21,

the fundraising page has obtained $22,000 in contributions from fans of the young boy, carrying the whole obtained to $72,000. The $50,000 she had ultimately wished to raise to give money for therapies to assist Fowler recover muscle mass will yet be utilized to assist cover the medication bills amassed over his short life.The first 4 years of Antwain’s life was a continual fight and relatively critical experience for his household, Christina Burns clarified in her GoFundMe intro. Through endless prayers, belief, and physicians specializing around the timepiece,

Antwain is progressively healing and totally thankful for all that he is accomplished thus far. In extension to distributing her future policies, Christina Burns also offered some sense into her son’s last moments. Unfortunately, Fowler’s medical team was incapable to keep him alive.

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