Tra’gedy Str’ikes The Fame Actor’s Family and He passed away at a Young Age

You possibly know actor/dancer, Gene Anthony Ray, from the famous 80s TV show, Fame. He played the strong, street dancer, (Leroy), who had a passion for dancing, but a minor problem with council. In some manner, Gene’s Fame role was not that faraway from who he was in actual life.

Just like his role, (Leroy), Gene was an inexperienced dancer who learned how to dance by combatting others at community fence gatherings. He struggled a lot while growing up and spent the childhood days on the streets in Harlem, New York. When Gene performed his role on Fame,his life started and bringing a shift for the better. The only difficulty was that some of his household apparently did not create that change with him, and rather chose to stay behind, submitting in a life of crime, according to various summaries. We are speaking about Gene’s mama, uncles, grandmother, aunts,

they were apparently all living that life, and here is what they finally got arr’ested for while Gene was at the height of his career. In 1984, Ray’s mom was cha’rged in a d*g ra’id along with 14 others, containing his grandmother, 3 aunts, and 3 uncles. Ray’s mother, Jean Ray then 46 years old,was arre’sted with handling His grandmother, then 66 year old Viola Ward, was holding up 6 pouch and a loaded 38-caliber when she was carried into cust’ody. In 1995 there were various fictions distributing that Gene had passed away from AI’DS. While his Mom once verified that Gene was HI’V posi’tive,

it is not real that he really d’i’e’d from HIV nor AI’DS in 1995. Unfortunately, Gene d’i’e’d on November 14, 2003 from difficulties he’d suffered from a stroke in June of that exact year.

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