IG MODEL GENA TEW: Ai’ds Has Taken Away My Mobility & Left Me Bl’ind In One EYE

The 27-year-old, who has more than 30,000 Instagram followers and 430,000 TikTok followers, has been sharing videos on social media since coming public with her il**ess in March, chr**icling her health iss;ues. On June 11, social media se**ation Tew posted a video showing herself hu**hed down in bed,

un able to get out due to her dr*pping weight and weak ening legs due to muscle atrophy. Gena Tew, claims that she mist akenly believed she was getting tested for H’I’V every time she had an S’T’D checkup but that wasn’t the c*se. Gena Tew later dis covered she has A’I’D’S after a recent b*eak down of her body.With her narrative and a call for young people to get te*ted, Gena has become a social media se**ation. She claims the sym**oms have been ter**ble, ca*sing her to lose her ability to move, lose control of her bowels, and lose vision in her left eye. She said in the heart b*eaking video’s title,

I lost all my muscle and strength owing to imm une system, A’I’D’S, and spending so much time in a hospital bed, that she had lost both due to these factors. According to Gena, the dia’gnosis has altered not just her life but also the life of her mother, who helps take care of her. She claims that she is still unsure of how she got H’I’V,’but she has informed her partners of her condition by calling them. Everyone Gena has called, according to her, has been incredibly supportive, calling to see how she’s doing and asking if she needs anything. No one else has tested positive, according to her, thus far.

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