Herschel Walker Has At Least 3 Se’cret Kids

Videos of Herschel Walker’s son Christian Walker went vi’ral on the internet where he was ranting about de*dbeat dads and said that father Herschel Walker admitting to fathering se’cret kids. Social media folks and netizens are trying to find out if he played some vital roles in the lives of these secret kids.

Christian Walker is Heisman Trophy winner and a former NFL star turned Republican who is endorsed by Former American President Donald Trump in his campaign against Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.). He has frequently spoken out publicly against children being raised in fatherless households.22-year-old Christian Walker, is quite famous for his over-the-top vi’ral rants, however he hits how own home by revealing that Herschel’s confession to having three more children than he had previously disclosed. Christian has also publicly denounced de*dbeat dads and called it a major problem.

Christian also shouted at Nick Cannon and said Cannon was “everything wrong with men in America.” In the video, he remarked, “Get home and raise your kids! And take care of the women you’re knocking up! Can you control your thing for three seconds?” In previous Tiktok videos, he echoed the same sentiment in an attempt tohold lacking fathers accountable. “To all Fathers, it would be great if you stayed home and raised your kids instead of ran off to bang a bunch of women who weren’t your baby’s Moms. Stay at your houses wit your wives and raise your fricking children!” He also told people in his Instagram videos and also on stage while political campaigning that he has 4 children but he don’t use them as props for political campaigns.

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