GBI Video of Hancock County Sheriff Deputies Forgetting to Lock the Patrol Car Door, Showcasing How Brianna Grier’s Li’fe Was Lo’st as a Results of the E*ror

Authorities looked into the recent d*ath of a Georgia woman and found that the fatal in ju’ries she su*fered while in their cust*dy were ca*sed by officers. Bodycam video that was made public showed that one of the deputies who made the ar**st was responsible for the d*ath of the su*pect because

he drove away from the c*ime scene with out completely closing the back passenger door. On July 15, at around 2:30 a.m., Brianna Marie Grier’s mother dialed 911 to ask for assi**ance as her daughter bat*led a schizo phrenic br’eak that may have been trig**red by alc*hol or dr**s. Her father,Marvin Grier, claims that when Hancock County Sheriff’s deputies came at the family’s house in central Georgia, the parents requested that they take the 28-year-old mother of twins to a hospital for assessment. In order to transport the woman to j*il, the officers decided to shackle her

hands in front of her body and place her in the rear seat of the sheriff’s vehicle after determining that she had consumed alc**ol. The GBI also addressed r*mours that the organization made the woman’s c**minal past public. The 90-page report of Brianna’s previous le*al infraction was never made public,according to the in vestigators, and they only gave in vestigation updates on this c*se as we’re seeking to learn what occurred in Hancock County in the early morning hours of July 15, 2022.

The parents had previously expressed their su*prise that p*lice had been sent rather than para medics. Because Brianna had previously experienced breaks, those medical experts were able to aid her without making her feel g**lty.

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