For Friday, Ice Cube offered to invest $2 million, but New Line Cinema wanted to fund it & take profit or loss

As well-known as the movie Friday itself is the tale of how it was shot on a $2 million budget in 1995. The film would go on to make $300 million and turn Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Bernie Mac, and many more actors into megastars in its follow-ups. A video of John Witherspoon talking about how much Ice Cube was ready to

r*sk on the movie and how he treated everyone fairly in its sequels is going vi’ral in the midst of all the discussion surrounding actors’ pay and the process by which they decided who received what. Ice Cube and DJ Pooh tried to capture a more h**orous perspective of the areas they had grown up in when they wrote Friday.They intended to alter how da**erous and scary cities like Compton were portrayed in films like Boyz In The Hood, which also starred Ice Cube. Around the time of Friday’s release, Ice Cube told the reporters, We had fun in our hoods. Cube made his screenwriting and producing debut on Friday.

Ice Cube had such a strong faith in the film that he was even willing to pay for it. John Witherspoon stated to Vlad TV that a rapper and producer offered to provide the $2 million needed to make the movie, but New Line Cinema insisted on making the investment. According to Witherspoon,New Line Cinema indicated it made no sense for them to lose $2 million if the film failed. The film brought in $300 million. And they won’t say they made a lot of money and are giving everyone a bonus when they return. That is nonsense. That is not the case in Hollywood. The financial burden

would ultimately fall on New Line Cinema, although Cube would still hold the title of writer and producer. The movie Friday would eventually earn $300 million, making it a resounding success. Unsurprisingly, despite the movie’s success, the performers received no compensation from the studio.

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