Isaiah Rashad Said, I’m Se**ally Fluid In First Interview Since Le*ked Interaction with Anonymous person

In a communication with Joe Budden revealed Thursday, Isaiah Rashad came out as “se**ally fl*id.” The Top Dawg Entertainment rapper also shared the vi’ral video of him having an intimate physical interactions with an unknown man. The footage viral like wil**ire after someone shared it

unnamed on Reddit. In the not so long chat with Budden, Rashad e**ose that the vi’ral video have him with so much mental anx’iety , he ruin his car. Rashad told to Joe Budden his out come to going through of the viral video. The first few days was, like, kind of awk ward for me. I ruined my branded car.I had a huge an’ger in my head.” He constantly, “I knew after all that, like, I went to have to talk to any body, or talk about the issue, or people were going to questioned me things, or come up with their supposition . And I already to know, in that phase, I should have to be OK with this kind of assumptions.

While in an interview, Rashad also said to explain his se**ality and what attr’acts him in a person. “I’m now learning about it on myself. I’m getting stuffs to learn from the books to find out the general about it. Generally like I’m not feel to be in control of when I went to my bedroom, of whom I’m attracted with.

I’m felt attracted to a good looks,. I’m more attracted, many times, to the brain. And, many times, it’s just being attracted to unknown I don’t know.” He said, “I have an understanding with myself that, you know, to not despite anything far from myself as an attraction.

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