Florida A&M Uni student posted na*ed in front of significant campus location for grad pic

A Florida A&M University student is just under f*re on internet when she posted her pictures, posing in front of a historic statue of the college. The graduate, Terica Williams posed n*ked on at the “FAMU sn*ke” statue with hairstyle like sn’a’ke strands of her hair. She captioned her picture by saying:

People who knows me knows that I have always dressing an*oying my entire life. There’s a lot of supp*sition that have came across me receiving my body. Many people asked my intell igency and confidence only based on how I make myself dressed up. As I’m posing in front of historic statue,here with my Masters Degree at the young age of 24 years old, I am the living evidence that clothes do not describe you. Im inspiring every body to love their bodies and came outside social media. She shared this type of her picture just to aware people, who doesn’t like their body and

felt uncomfortable to participate in any field. She said in an interview, I just want people to embrace their body shape and give them selves importance. According to WFSU Media, the historical time statue was build byfamous sculptor Brad Cooley of North Florida. The school says it Desired pheno menon that had soul and signed the university. FAMU’s mascot is “the Rattler.”

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