The woman responsive for the a*ful multi-car cr*sh at the La Brea-Slauson crossing in West Los Angeles Thursday, has been identified by the California Highway Patrol as 37-year-old reported nu*se Nicole Lorraine Linton. Linton su**ived the he*ted sm*sh and has been cha*ged amid her hospitalization

on grounds of vehic ular ho***ide with entire ir respon siblity, according to authorities. She is currently at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center with “moderate” w**nds. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office will have last say in respects to the charges. Doubted of driving at speeds of atleast 100mph, the d*unk driver plowed through the busy crossing at over 1:40 p.m., records the Los Angeles Sentinel, claiming the lives of six people, cont aining a preg nant lady identified by the coroner’s office as Asherey Ryan, 23, and her baby son. Preliminary inquiry reveals Nicole Lorraine Linton

was riding a dark-colored Mercedes, roaming south bound on La Brea Avenue at an in creased rate of speed, read a CHP statement. While riding the Mercedes, Linton continued through a red light and crashed into many vehicles roaming east bound and west bound on Slauson Avenue.As an outcome of this cl*sh, nume rous groups were removed and two vehicles were completely engulfed in f*res. Following the cr*sh, affected groups were transported to (Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center) by ambulance and six people were announced dec eased on scene,” according to the CHP.

Video of the blow was ca*ght at nearby gas stations, where Linton’s Benz is seen flying past and shortly effecting an eruption as it slam the first two cars at a stand however, sending numerous people and an infant through their windshields, and just tearing one car totally in half. A streak of blazes was left in spot of where the cars stood.

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