After witne*sing so many fabri*ations surrounding her son’s d*ath, Jelani Day’s mother said, I’m not OK

The mother of graduate student Jelani Day from Illinois State University is ple*ding with people to stop spr**ding f*lse information. Jelani Day’s mother is Carmen Bolden Day. While we wait for answers, his story has sh**ked the country. stories have eme’rged as people at*empt to piece together the puzzle.

The mother of Jelani Day wants to put an end to this and focused on locating the truth regarding her baby’s dis appearance. On August 24, 2021, Jelani Day was last observed. Later, more than a week later, he was dis covered in LaSalle County’s Illinois River. In Bloomington, Illinois,near Veteran’s Parkway, he was last seen entering the Beyond/Hello marijuana dis pensary. If you recall, Jelani’s mother expressed strong dis approval with the lack of effort put forward to locate her son, saying that to them he meant nothing. Bolden was questioned by CNN during an interview on

why Gabby Petito received more media cove rage than her son’s disappearance. It kind of dis turbed me, not that Gabby isn’t important because she is, because she is. Later, she continued to say to CNN, There is no effort. No push is present. Nothing was done to address my son; nothing.One week prior to going mi*sing, she last saw her son. He hugged me tightly. He sat down on the couch, and we just talked about insignificant things; nothing un **ual happened. Many people started to wonder what happened to the young man after his finding. The mother of Jelani has taken to

social media to both vouch for the veracity of a piece by John Fountain and to urge people to stop disseminating un truths. Then, Jelani’s mother continues by outlining the hardship it has caused her family to deal with both the dis information and mourning the loss of her son.

I don’t know if any of you even slightly comprehend how e**austing and emotionally taxing this is for MY ENTIRE FAMILY, WE ARE NOT OK, I’M NOT OK, so please continue to pray with and for us, pray for the community and people .

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