Jordan Turpin Hopes To Become Motivational Speaker After College & Make A Difference In The World

In 2018, Jordan, at 21 years old, managed to flee her vi*lent parents’ “House of Hor*ors” and assisted in freeing her siblings from slavery. Jordan Turpin made a cour’ageous choice on January 14 that would alter the course of her and her siblings’ lives for all time. She is eager to tell her experience now,

nearly four years later. Jordan, along with her 12 siblings, were raised in captivity where they were routinely starved and be*ten by their parents when they were young. At the age of 17, Jordan snuck out of her Perris, California, home with a deactivated cell phone and called 911. Jordan was able to release her siblings,who ranged in age from 2 to 29, with the aid of the police. The Turpin siblings had fresh difficulties after gaining independence. Some children in foster care continued to experience abuse, some had difficulty finding food and housing, and some were left alone in dangerous areas. Jordan, now 21 years old,

talked on 20/20 and Good Morning America for the first time since leaving the infamous “House of Ho*rors” about her past experiences and aspirations. Jordan remarked on GMA on Monday, I want to be a motivational speaker to inspire people. Jordan has been working hard to make up for the timethat was stolen from her since her parents were arrested. She claims that in the future, she’d adore having a gorgeous home and a charming husband. Since opening up on 20/20 last week, Jordan and her sister Jennifer, 33, have received a tonne of love from people all around the world. Jordan remarked on GMA that

because I’ve always had my siblings and just my siblings, it’s difficult for me to understand when I realize that other people care about me. The programme, Escape from a House of Ho’rror,

is currently viewable on Hulu and the digital platforms of ABC News. You may see the follow-up interview with the Turpin sisters on Good Morning America online.

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