Kevin Gates Says, Women With Pim’ples Have Better int*r c*urse Due To this

Kevin Gates has a fasc inat’ing take on se**al pr*wes’s and its cor’re lation to the quantity of pim’ples a woman has. On Wednesday 3rd August, Kevin Gates sat down with Power 105.1’s The Break fast Club. As per normal, the Lou’isiana rapper rendered some w*ld as**rtions considering.

During the sit-down, Gates was questioned if he’d met his mate in the bedroom. “I haven’t met my mate, but I met some one that’s completely close, Kevin Gates reacted around the 24:10-mark of the interview, pre**mably speaking about his recent girl friend Jojo Zarur. “And the purpose

I say she actually really close oh God, don’t de**roy me she got ac’ne in her face. I know this gonna sound crazy. A pl*nty of women with a*ne in they face got de*ent p**s’y. Because they ho**ones are so im balanced, that it result in them to have co**estion. So they not dis ch*rging sui’ta’bly.

See, earlier I truly put it on her, her face begin cleaning up. I’m not talking about all women with a*ne got but a pl*nty of the st*ff that go on with us are actually int ernally, the Khaza rapper expanded. I’m not only telling it for that, but she up there. She in my prime three.Kevin Gates has been earning head lines for his se**ally ex**ici’t musi’ngs just. Back in June, he published a new song where he rapped about what he desires do to Beyonce in the bed room.

He doubled down on his sent iment a few weeks later. Last month, he left City Girls’ Yung Miami speech less after spea king about having in*er co*rse with his cousin on her p*dcast Ceresha Please.

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