Kevin Hart Im**soned for DUI, Confesses He Was D**nk

Jumanji actor and comedian Kevin Hart was im**isoned ahead on the morning of Sunday April 14 for a misd emeanour DUI near Los Angeles. He was gra*bed over and im**isoned at 4:51 a.m. after being reported riding his black Mercedes faster than 90 mph. California Highway Patrol Officer Ed Jacobs tells that Hart

was ac**lerating and driving erratically and nearly hit a gas barge. Jacobs also verifies that Hart had a female passenger who was brought house in a cab after his detention. Hart declined a sobriety test, but was seemingly extremely upfront about the truth that he was in**xicated. After the occurrence he tweeted,when the officer inquired me to take the sincerity test I told ‘WHY WASTE OUR TIME I’M D**NK MAN’ TrueStory.” Despite of the reports to the opposite, Hart was not ac**itted on contract. Jacobs says, they “ was transported and placed in prison,” in L.A. Nevertheless, when people are im**isoned for DUI in

California they are carried and discharged after nearly six hours or when they are no longer under the impact. “They don’t have to b*il out on a DUI. They let you go,” Jacobs tells. Hart was provided a preliminary penalty of $5,000, though. He didn’t have to pay that to be acquitted from prison, and can pay it at

a later duration when he earns a c*urt appearance. On a lighter remark, Hart also asserted that he finalized 6,000 push-ups and 13,000 sit-ups while “in the pin,” and he provided a sh*ut-out to his “celly” Mark. “We traded war stories LMFAO.”

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