Law and Morals: A Modern Approach


by: Towseef Ahmad

We should utilize the legal processes to vindicate our justification over the business of rights. Therefore the law has a purpose. It helps us to vindicate different policies and aims of the animal behavior of humans. It is apt to mention here that different streaks of thought and the issues like health determinants play a level of enabled thought which is not only mature but practically regarded as one of the bigger milestones of law. Therefore we must take the initiative and prompt the law through the discourses to deliver social justice. Therefore once again we should recognize the law and importance of the laws as well as the morality. Thus these determinants contribute towards the health of the law, in addition to the sources and resources of different caliber. Then we should be functionally ahead in terms of several applications of terms and the thought trajectories. Thus we must dig beneath the legal reforms and try to advent the new and dynamic change.

In the same vein and according to the similar formulations, we need to adapt to the praxis and action of the required change. Now coming back to the issues of morality we need to understand the panorama in which the philosophers have tried to change the legal dynamics and landscape. Law and morality debates have engulfed the various niceties and niche of its program. Indeed if law serves us in unique and dynamic ways but morality influences and shapes our integral dynamics of health and healthy living.


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Thus good laws contribute to the good realm of legal entourage and landscape. Therefore equity and equal restoration of rights of the individuals is a must precursor of legal development. Then there is a need to correct ourselves wherever our legal standards fall and there is no time for replacement. As a matter of fact and praxis we need to understand the girth of the quest of law and quintessence of the morals. Now it is the homing of the things that should be honed properly. Thus there is a need to contribute to the legal plus and the surplus of the sources and moral resources.

There is a tendency to skip the covering of the morals, and that when the moral envelope is frustrated by not recognizing the value of the legal foundations. Indeed high morals and thinking can bestow us in supplementing the better sculpt of the legal traditions. Then we should follow the command structure of the sovereign and manifest our will and desire to uplift the moral values of the citizenry and the people. It is apt to mention here that we have to be sincere with regard to the above framework of morals and law with special reference to artificial intelligence in modern times of the globalized era and the neo-liberal type of globalization.

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