Living Without Ecologies of Language

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By: Towseef Ahmad

As a matter of fact, it is true and profoundly correct that we cannot live without certain ecologies like language, nature, society, knowledge and cultural transformation from time to time, thence the transcendence. In order to mitigate our sufferings we cannot belittle the nature and the environment in which we happen to live, rather we have to live passionately and in harmony with the natural environment and ecosystem. Then we have to keep our natural ecosystem clean and healthy. We have to breathe fresh life into the environment and the sustainable levels of the ecosystem, so that we can live with peace and harmony with the environment and so that we can enjoy each moment of the game with confidence and with sure and certain purpose, then we have to be deontic.

Thence stigmergy is at the edge and in order to follow the rich, deontic and the olfactive pathmarks we need to be genuine and modest people who are willing to protect their surroundings and the natural phusis and contribute in building the ecological niche, one way or the other way. Then there are certain strengths without which we cannot live. There is character and positive psychology without which we cannot live and rather it is sure that we will fall prey to many dangers and nuisance. At the same time it is apt to mention here that practical wisdom and deontic and authentic happiness predisposes a number of issues of our life otherwise becoming a frustrating point for so many individuals, people, personality and person. Thus eudaimonia and natural happiness should be promoted in all spheres and at all levels of life. Therefore goodwill, happiness and the greatest common advantage are essential in solving as well as mitigating our problems and difficulties. It must be noted that the above things, situations and examples are increasingly difficult to be nurtured, grasped and displayed in modern societies driven by the globalized era and the neo-liberal type of globalization.


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Therefore and thus we must tend to reshape the social institutions and the globalized academia and thence the social ontologies to increase our role in the parallel economies, caught and fraught with complexities and hurdles of nuisance value. Thus attention must be paid to the deontic being who can set the new trend and we must encourage the methodical and dialectical use of the resources and the facts. Thence we must encourage the use of the practical wisdom in all spheres of opportunities and all areas of life.

Author is Ph.D Student, Department of Law, University of Kashmir. He can be mailed at

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