Lizzo and Live Nation To Donate One Million

Lizzo has disclosed she and Live Nation have vowed to donate $1million (£815,000) from her forthcoming trip to Planned Parenthood. The 34 years old singer took social media to announce she is going to donat $500,000 (£408,000) from her tour revenue, While live nation is also going to donate the same amount to make it $1million, after the verdict was determined.

The Supreme Court in the US reversed the milestone Roe vs Wade decision from 50 years ago, which insured a’b’o’r’t’i’o’n rights all over the country. In a tweet Lizzo wrote: ‘I’m pledging $500k from my forthcoming trip to Planned Parenthood. Live Nation also decided to the same to donate to make it 1 MILLION dollars. We are going to give revenue to @AbortionFunds as well! Thank you!’She continued: ‘Black women & women of color have historically had disproportionately little way for family planning resources, this is an huge failure but not a new one.

The extensively cr*cial thing is effort & loud voices. @PPFA @AbortionFunds & organisations like them will need funding to proceed donation assistance to people who are most d’a’m’a’g’e’d by this b’a’n.

For the unversed, planned Parenthood is a NGO that gives reproductive healthcare in the US and all over the world, however the National Network of A’bo’rt’i’o’n Funds assists to wipe out economic and logistical obstacles to ab*rtion access.The overturning of Roe v. Wade means a’b’o’r’t’i’o’n rights be specified by states, unless Congress laws. It’s also anticipated to disproportionately influence minorities and people of bla’ck color, who already frequently face restricted access to healthcare.

With Roe reversed, personal states are accountable to define how they will operate ab’o’r’t’i’on’s. Thirteen states have so-called trigger laws in place that take sudden impact once Roe is abolished that prohibition or harshly limit access to abortion, and another 6 states have close total b’a’ns on discontinuing a pregnancy after six weeks, which is frequently before multiple people know they are pregnant.


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