Low voltage irks Nai Basti Dolipora residents

Unscheduled power cuts GMK Photo / Mehroob Mushtaq

Scores of residents from Dolipora – Kreeri area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Tuesday expressed resentment against the Power Development Department (PDD), and alleged that the department “is providing low voltage electricity to the area.”


The residents alleged that they are “receiving very low voltage electricity, causing them inconvenience.”


“Due to the low voltage electricity, the studies of our children are getting affected,” they said.


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Zubair Ahmad, a local told GMK , that they are facing immense hardships in absence of the proper voltage. He said they are paying electricity tariff bills regularly, but the department is not providing the voltage as per the schedule.


“The PDD officials have now installed an alternate transformer in our village, but still our Mohalla (Khan Mohalla) is facing immense hardships in absence of the proper voltage” they said.


The residents said that in these boon chilling cold nights they aren’t able to charge their electronic gadgets, which is giving tough time to people here.


“Due to non-availability of electricity the residents are facing immense inconveniences. Various examinations are under way but students are not able to concentrate on their studies,” said another resident.


The residents appealed chief Engineer PDD to look into the matter so that they can heave a sigh of relief.


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