Luke Bryan Reveals How the Sudden Death of His Brother: Ben Lee Cheshire, Drove Him to God

Ben Lee Cheshire, Luke Bryan’s brother-in-law, passed away from a heart attack. This occurred not long after the death of Cheshire’s wife, Bryan’s sister. Luke Bryan is unquestionably a fan favourite in the country music industry,

whether he’s dancing his tail off on stage wearing skinny jeans and a baseball cap or spending every day hunting, fishing, and falling in love on his expansive farm in Nashville. For more than ten years, the two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year winner has been captivating audiences with his humorous, uplifting lyrics,endearing performances, and down-to-earth manner. But the celebrated country star’s path to stardom hasn’t exactly been smooth. But what kept him going was his faith in God. Luke Bryan recently shared personal stories on overcoming misfortune and “living every day” to the fullest in an hour-long programme with Robin Roberts.

Luke, the youngest of three children, developed an early interest in music and began playing the guitar at the age of 14. Luke, a youth leader at his church, started rewriting popular country songs with Christian lyrics. He soon started making his own music. He recalled lovingly in an interview with folks thathis first song was a Christian song called The Day He Turned Me Around. When I was 15, maybe 16, I personally penned and sang this straightforward Christian song in front of my congregation. Luke reveals to Robin in the ABC News special from Monday night that his older brother Chris sadly died in a

vehicle accident when he was 19 years old and on the verge of moving to Nashville. The close-knit family suffered a fatal blow as a result. You have to return to your confidence in God’s plan despite your daily doubts. Ben Lee Cheshire, Kelly’s widower husband and Luke’s brother-in-law, passed away from a heart at*ack.

Til, Jordan, and Kris were the three kids born to the marriage. Luke advises Robin that the best way to respect the memories of loved ones is to live and be a positive light in the world, speaking to the millions of people who have faced loss.

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