Master P Is awning Funeral expense For 13 Year-Old Fan Who Passes Away After He Was In A P*lice col’lisi’on

MasterP is paying expenses for the f*neral of a 13-year-old Kentucky boy who passed away after the car he was a passenger in was included in a p*lice col’lision. Master P met the Ki’Anthony Tyus three years prior, according to bl*st. Ki’Anthony passed away on December 22 when a

Lexus SUV he was a passenger in Col’lision into a street pole backing a cops chase in Louisville. Ki’Anthony was famous for being an a*ti do**stic vi**ence campaigner after he became a su*ferer of g*n vi**ence himself when he was str**ped by a stray bu*let when he was playing basketball in 2015.That’s when he first met Master P, who he wrote about Ki’Anthony’s demise. My 13 year old lil su**iver didn’t get up. 2 years p*ior He got sh*t and Ki*led 2 days ago. We have to end this black on black vi**ence. Rip Ki’Anthony Tyus. weallw egot Just know that every plan comes with

out come and no one will left in this world everyone should d*e one day. My cond**ences are for the family Could’ve been the else LeBron James,” told P in his Instagram. A ritual was to be happen for the boy on Sunday and his fu’neral is on for after this week. This tr*gic time is so hard for the family and friends,we wish to the family they would come out from their loss we know it’s not that easy the way it easy to say only the people who are facing this moment can feel, but we can only pray for them.

May the vi**im, gets peace at their new home, and passed in every journey of after life. Wherever the little is may God put him in peace and a good place. Our condolences and prayers are with the family on their hard times.

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